CEDIA Scene: Network-Attached Integrated Amplifier/DAC from Micromega

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Micromega AS-400
CEDIA Scene: Network-Attached Integrated Amplifier/DAC from Micromega

(Editorial note: At the recent CEDIA Expo the French firm Micromega announced its most ambitious stereo integrated amplifier ever—the IA-400 ($3595), which puts out an impressive 2 x 400 Wpc @ 4 Ohms, or 2 x 200 Wpc @ 8 Ohms.

But perhaps even more significant was Micromega’s announcement of the IA 400’s sister product—the AS-400 ($4995), which essentially combines the IA-400 amplifier with an all-new and greatly improved version of the firm’s WM-10 AirStream network media player—a versatile product indeed.

Below, we present the text of Micromega’s CEDIA press announcement for the AS-400 along with images of both the IA-400 and AS-400.).


Micromega Launches First Amplifier with AirStream Technology

 French Manufacturer’s AS-400 Combines Powerful Audiophile Grade Amplifier with Wireless 802.11N WiFi AirStream Technology for Breakthrough in Performance and Convenience

CEDIA Expo, Atlanta, Ga September, 2010 — Audio Plus Services, a leading North American importer/distributor of premium products for the audio, video and home theater markets, has delivered the world’s very first audiophile grade integrated amplifier with state-of-the-art AirStream wireless connectivity. The AS-400 ($4995 MSRP) accesses stored music on computer hard drives combining a seamless control experience with exquisite audio performance.

Based on Micromega’s new IA-400 integrated amplifier, the AS-400 features the company’s new AirStream module, a completely new design with unique engineering compared with the company’s landmark WM-10 launched earlier this year. Still leveraging Apple Computers iTunes® software integration and AirTunes® wireless transmission protocol, the new AirStream module has been completely revised along all four main sections; power supply, master clock, digital to analog converter and analog output to deliver even better sonic performance.

Micromega AS-400

The power supply is separated in four sections using a “multiple windings” specific r-core transformer. Three separate power supplies address each section: Main module, Master clock, D/A analog section. These differentiated power supplies deliver perfectly regulated DC power to each sub-sections. The main module supply combines advanced ripple rejection techniques with high power. The master clock supply, made from a specific winding of the transformer, is an extremely low-noise type featuring a total noise of less that 7nV/Hz.

The D/A analog section supply features low noise high voltage tracking regulators. The 25MHz master clock oscillator is built specifically for Micromega HD® by the leading manufacturer of low-jitter oscillator's. This master clock features jitter <-100dB at 10Hz deviation from the main band. This is exceptional and guarantees a near perfect timed digital audio stream. Additionally, this oscillator and its specific ultra low noise power supply are now on a separate circuit board integrated into the shield of the wireless module.

The D/A converter itself is completely new and eliminates using the older less precise Airport Express D/A converter of previous AirStream generation. The new D/A chip is a CS4351 24/192 Cirrus Logic part, which features 2V RMS output level. Discrete pure class A-JFET buffers developed specifically for this purpose follows this D/A chip. These buffers feature a 1MΩ input impedance, which represent a very light load for the output section of the D/A converter IC. These buffers produce less than -100dB distortion from 20Hz – 20kHz and their low output impedance is a perfect match for the AS-400 specific AirStream input.

The AS-400’s cosmetics have not been ignored either. The amplifier’s new rigid casework design is a sandblasted finish of superb build quality. It comes in your choice of Silver or Black. The AS-400 will be shipping from Audio Plus Services in October 2010.

Daniel Jacques, President of Audio Plus Services, explained, “Micromega’s AirStream Wireless DAC was clearly one of the most exciting products of 2010. Combining a high quality integrated amp like the IA-400 with an all new AirStream module is the type of innovative thinking Micromega has consistently demonstrated over the past two decades. The integration of the AirStream with a quality amp raises music reproduction to a whole new level.”

Key Features:

·      AS-400 is based on Micromega’s new IA-400 Integrated Amplifier.
·      First Audiophile Grade amplifier to combine a Wireless DAC.
·      AirStream module has been completely redesigned for superior performance.
·      Integration of AirStream with amplifier raises music reproduction to a new level.
·      Exceptional build quality.
·      Available in choice of Silver or Black

The Micromega AS-400 will be featured at CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia September 23-26 at Audio Plus Services Booth #944. Micromega and Audio Plus personnel will be on hand throughout the show to discuss and demonstrate the AS-400 and answer any questions.

About Audio Plus Services

Established in 1979, Audio Plus Services is a leading North American importer and distributor of premium consumer electronics brands. Based in Montreal with U.S facilities in Champlain, NY, Audio Plus has sales personnel located throughout the United States to professionally service their active roster of more than 500 specialty A/V dealers.

Audio Plus specializes in products and services for the audio, home theater and custom integration (CI) market – both residential and commercial – for North America. Their prestigious lineup of exclusive brands includes: Cambridge Audio, Crystal Cable, DreamVision, Focal Home, Focal Professional, Kanto, Micromega, Mordaunt-Short, Pathos, Perfect Vu, Siltech, Solid Tech, YBA, and YBA Design. www.audioplusservices.com

About Micromega

With 100% of their products designed and manufactured in France, today’s Micromega HD Audio lineup consists of models for both two-channel audio (CD players, preamplifier, amplifiers and tuner) as well as home cinema. Slim aluminum chassis with elegant styling and aerospace precision house state-of-the-art innovations such as ACT power supply filtering, name-able inputs and amplifiers with easy to read displays. Yet despite the company’s uncompromising standard of sonic performance and style, Micromega’s products are surprisingly affordable and represent exceptional value. 

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