CES 2014: Analogue


A product that was not playing, but still gaining a lot of attention was the Japanese TechDAS Air Force Two. This pulls together many of the threads of the striking Air Force One – including the complex combination of air suspension, air bearing and vacuum disc hold down – but in a lower cost cast chassis. Although it had been damaged in installation, rumours abound that it delivers almost all the performance at ‘only’ $55,000.

Another turntable bringing top deck performance to a wider audience is the new Sparta from Kronos Audio. This smaller, slimmer, lighter (and, at $21,500, cheaper) version of the large counter-rotating turntable was shown – rather than played – in prototype form in the Magico room. Elsewhere, the big Kronos also showed off the Black Beauty 12” unipivot arm, first seen at RMAF.

The ‘first seen at RMAF’ mantra was common with turntables at CES. Products that were showcased at RMAF had come to market at last at CES. Alongside the Black Beauty arm and the VPI Classic Direct, Music Hall’s new $1,195 Ikura turntable (seen here at the top of a Creek/Epos system) was a popular choice in white or black.

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