CES 2014: Analogue


Over at T.H.E. Show, the legacy of the late Tom Fletcher (of Nottingham Analogue fame) lives on. Not only in the shape of the Notts Analogue turntables, not even in the recently launched Fletcher Audio range, but now with the Slovenian Pear Audio Blue trio of turntables. The model in play was the $5,995 Kid Thomas turntable with the £2,195 Cornet arm, but prices start from $2,850. As ever, the design features a high-mass platter with a low-torque, perma-powered motor, and a wooden plinth made of ‘undisclosed’ tree, as well as a unipivot.

Slovenia is proving to be a hotbed of modern turntablism, with Kuzma finally showing its CAR range of cartridges. To mix things up a little, the demonstration used the top $6,550 CAR-50 cartridge, coupled to a $6,500 4-Point tonearm, and a $1,800 Stabi S turntable. While not the usual way of presenting things, no one seemed to complain.

Last, but far from least, Zanden Audio announced its new 120 phono stage. This LCR phono stage retains the elegant musical characteristics and multiple EQ curve settings of the company’s two highly respected models in the line-up, but this is the first phono stage from the brand to use an all solid-state implementation. A veritable pig to photograph, the new phono stage also brings Zanden vinyliciousness to a new low price of just $7,500. Given the company’s top 1200mk3 phono stage costs several times as much as this new 120 model, the word ‘low’ applies. Sort of.

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