CES 2014: Loudspeakers under $15,000 - Part 2



Though not strictly speaking a brand new model, Dynaudio’s Confidence C2 ($14,999/pari) in the Platinum finish shown here is new and what a speaker it is. Articulate, neutrally voiced, and very expressive in all the ways the matter most, the C2 stuck us as embodying many of the virtues of Dynaudio’s cost-no-object models, but at a much lower price point. Fit and finish are superb—precisely what you would expect from a group of always detail-conscious and design-savvy Danes.

Eggleston Works

Though best known for its large floorstanding models, Eggleston Works broke new ground with its small(er) two-way stand-mount Nico loudspeaker ($3,200/pair).  We weren’t able to listen long enough to gather sonic impressions of the Nico, but we were mightily impressed by its self-evident build quality, which is reminiscent of what might be seen in considerably more expensive stand-mount monitors.


Most audiophiles associated the name ENIGMAcoustics with the firm’s famous Sopranino electrostatic super tweeter, but the company’s new Mythology M1 stand-mount monitor ($14,690/pair) shows what the company can do when it sets out to build a compact yet still full-range loudspeaker. The Mythology M1 is basically and extraordinarily capable, full-range (yes, really!) two-way dynamic driver-equipped stand-mount monitors supplemented with—you guessed it—an included Sopranino super-tweeter. Listeners were simply slack-jawed upon hearing the Mythology M1, because it somehow delivers the low-end extension associated with medium large floorstanders, good dynamics, and the openness, airiness, and yet relaxed treble response we have come to associate with speakers that use the Sopranino super-tweeter. The result is a reasonably compact monitor that frankly sounds like something much bigger (and more expensive).

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