CES Blogger's Heaven

CES Blogger's Heaven

Bloggers are the red-headed bastard spawn of the media. They are so scorned within CES that they have their own press rooms so as not to offend or pollute members of the real working press. But they have finally achieved some measure of revenge.

Centerstage, a blogger-only lounge located within the plush confines of the Wynn Encore Hotel makes the CES press room seem like the dank hole that it actually is.

Centerstage had great food, excellent Internet access and a peaceful luxurious environment to relax and collect your wits. Perhaps best of all it had a continuous stream of interesting people to meet and talk with.


So, how did I get access to this Elysian field of quietude? My columns for EnjoytheMusic and my blogs for TAS qualified me for entry. I can’t show you much of the interior, but I will show you photographs of the hallways of Wynn’s new Encore Hotel. The interiors are almost as nice as the hallways. Please, please, can I stay THERE next year?

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