CES: Peavey Offers Guitar-Based Video Game That Uses Real Guitars

PEAVEY Guitar Rising
CES: Peavey Offers Guitar-Based Video Game That Uses Real Guitars

Perhaps missing the attraction of "playing" the guitar without having to know how to actually play, as embodied in the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, Peavey has come up with a game where you actually learn to play. Here's the release:

Peavey Rocks Music, Gaming & Audio at CES 2009!

Central Hall 8160

Musical-instrument and pro-audio gear maker PEAVEY will introduce Guitar Risinga new videogame where the player uses a real guitar and actually learns to play the songs plus a new line of real-wood guitar-videogame peripherals and affordable pro musical instruments and accessories at CES 2009, Central Hall 8160.

 Guitar Rising is an innovative music videogame that provides endless gaming entertainment while actually teaching the player how to make real music on a real guitar! Gamers can use any electric guitar to play, choose from a library of popular songs, and learn and compete at their own pace through five levels of difficulty including a Beginner Mode that teaches the basics of the game. This is the only videogame that will take you from the bedroom to the real stage!

 Peavey debuted its RiffMaster real-wood guitar videogame controllers to high acclaim at CES 2008, even landing on ESPN's Easy Points Best of CES list. This year, the guitar company will unveil the new Peavey RockMaster, a cross-format guitar gaming peripheral with customizable graphics that can be used with PS2, PS3 and Wii platforms. An additional model is available for XBox gamers.

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