Chord Company Sarum Tuned ARAY cable system

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Chord Company Sarum Tuned ARAY
Chord Company Sarum Tuned ARAY cable system

In issue 107, Hi-Fi+ regular Jason Kennedy enthused over Chord’s Sarum Tuned ARAY cables in a digital and analogue interconnect context. But Hi-Fi+ has by tradition determined the true potential of a cable in a full front-to-back context, also dubbed the ‘coherent cable loom’. The Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY is an excellent example of this ethos in action, and demonstrates the importance of getting all your ducks in a row, from an audio perspective.

There’s a commonality to the cables. They all use ‘micro-polished’ silver-plated multi-standed oxygen-free copper conductors, with gas-foamed PTFE insulation, and heavy gauge foil shielding throughout. There are three conductors twisted around one another (two conductor sets for the speaker cable), with one send-two receive conductors in the inherently directional interconnects. The power cords are terminated with high-grade Furutech plugs and sockets, while Sarum interconnects use Chord’s own low-mass silver-plated copper and acrylic plugs. The speaker cables can be terminated in 4mm or spade lugs, but – as with all products in the Sarum range – this must be performed at the Chord factory.

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