Clearaudio Performance DC turntable system

Clearaudio Performance DC

Not only was the MC Concept better balanced tonally, it had greater power, body, and presence. While others might disagree, I never totally relaxed with the moving magnet cartridge, but with the the MC Concept, the Performance DC seemed totally transformed to my ears into a much more enjoyable combination. The upgrade is well worth the extra £100, in my view.

Summing up, the Performance DC turntable may not have the vibration isolation of some (often rather more expensive) suspended sub‑chassis turntables, but it offers a high standard of vinyl record reproduction, is beautifully made, looks great, and is easy to use. I really liked the clear, open sound and fast‑paced bass rhythms served up on its turntable’s platter – especially when partnered with Clearaudio’s MC Concept cartridge.

Technical Specifications


Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM

Arm mounting: Clearaudio/Linn

Drive: Belt drive, via DC motor.

Speed control: Electronic, (with pre‑sets to adjust each speed)

Platter Type: CNC machined Delrin

Bearing type: Polished ceramic shaft in sintered bronze bushing with Clearaudio ceramic magnetic bearing

Plinth configuration: wood sandwich between two aluminium plates

Dimensions: 420×330×143mm
Weight: 11.5kg


Type: Carbon fibre with friction‑free magnetic bearing

Tonerarm length: 335mm overall Offset angle: 23 deg

Overhang: 17.31mm

Signal cable length: 1m

Cable capacitance: 136pF

Weight: 320g (410g inc. counterweight)


Virtuoso V2 Ebony

Type: Moving Magnet

Stylus/Cantilever: not given /aluminium

Tracking Force: 2.2g+/– 0.3g

Load: 47k Ohms /100pF

Compliance: Not given

Output (at [email protected]/s): 3.6mV

Weight: 8.4g

Body: Ebony

Price: £2,495 with V2 MM (£2,595 with Concept MC)

Manufacturer: Clearaudio


UK Distributor: Sound Fowndations

Tel: +44 (0)1189 814238


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