Cleer FLOW noise cancelling Bluetooth wireless headphone

Cleer FLOW

In day-to-day use the FLOW is a joy to use, partly because of its well thought-out ergonomics, which make the headphone all-day comfortable to wear, but also because of the fundamental simplicity of its user controls. But the best part of all is the sound. The FLOW offers very nearly neutral tonal balance with presence/treble region response that shows perhaps a subtle hint of downward shelving of response, but nothing too noticeable. The overall feel is one of balance and tonal ‘completeness’, with nothing exaggerated and nothing left out. There are also levels of clarity and articulacy uncommon for wireless headphones.

As a result, one quickly forgets the FLOW is a Bluetooth headphone at all, which is as things should be. On ‘Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly’ from Gary Burton’s The New Quartet [ECM, Tidal Hi-Fi], the ringing, almost chime-like quality of Burton’s vibraphones is presented intact with full harmonic richness, while Abraham Laboriel’s spectacularly energetic bass lines are presented with snarl, growl, and bite fully intact. The FLOW shows similar sonic excellence on the title track of Marilyn Mazur’s Flamingo Sky [Stunt Records, Tidal Hi-Fi], capturing Mazur dynamically and texturally intricate percussion work and Krister Jonsson’s penetrating and angular guitar lines with exemplary clarity and energy.

For those seeking a well-rounded and—most importantly—musically adept noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone, one priced comfortably below $250, Cleer’s FLOW is a sure-fire, go-to recommendation. 


Type: Closed-back, dynamic driver-equipped, noise cancelling, Bluetooth wireless headphone.

Driver complement: 40mm Ironless™ dynamic driver.

Frequency response: 20Hz–40kHz (audio line in), 20Hz–20kHz (Bluetooth)

Connectivity: Analogue line in (3.5mm mini-jack), Bluetooth


Sensitivity: Not specified

Impedance: Not specified

Battery: 3.7V, 800mAH

Playback time, full charge: Up to 20 hours, with ANC and BT functions engaged

Weight: Not specified

Price: $199.99 US


Cleer, Inc.

+1 (888) 672-5337


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