conrad-johnson GAT Series 2 preamplifier

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Conrad Johnson GAT Series 2

Truly great preamps are few and far between, confined to those that genuinely manage to put the music first – and this is definitely, unequivocally a great pre-amp. It’s also an endangered species: a product where performance isn’t just the most important consideration... it’s the only consideration. Only time will tell whether – in this changing market – that’s offering enough, but those who ignore the GAT, whether because of the way it looks or what it offers on paper, risk missing out on a pearl beyond price – even if that price is £24,500. Rare in approach and rare in reality, if you are well-healed enough – or committed enough – to consider a pre-amp at this level, c-j’s GAT remains at the top of the audition list.

Technical Panel

Type: Vacuum-tube line-stage

Tube Complement: 2× 6922/ECC88

Inputs: 5× line-level RCA, 2× tape/EPL RCA

Outputs: 2× main outputs RCA, 2× tape/EPL RCA

Output Impedance: Less than 100 Ohms

Absolute Phase: Inverting

Dimensions (W×H×D): 19 × 4.81 × 15.37 inches

Weight: 35 lbs

Price: £24,500

Manufactured by: conrad-johnson design, inc.


UK Distributor: Audiofreaks

Tel: +44(0)20 8948 4153


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