Denon AH-D7000 Headphones (Playback 44)

Denon AH-D7000 Headphones

Bass, as indicated above, remains a relative strength versus most other headphones when you listen to the 7000s. I would rate the depth of the bass as outstanding and the overall level is probably a better compromise between technically balanced and psycho-acoustically neutral bass than with the Denon AH-D5000 (the 5000 is really too rich in the low end). There is, however, no free lunch, and the 7000s fall short of the ideal (i.e., the sound of live music) in upper bass definition. I think the bass on the 7000s is comparable overall to the Sennheiser 800s, with the 7000s sounding livelier in the mid-bass but not quite as solid in the low bass as the Sennheisers.

The mid-range of the 7000s is clear, with excellent instrumental separation. This is high praise, because most headphones have some wobbliness in the mid-range that is pretty obvious. The 7000s don’t entirely escape criticism here, though, as extended listening reveals a somewhat over-damped sound that may be the result of a shallow dip in the upper mids.

Perhaps related to this, but perhaps not, the 7000s are not at the state of the art in terms of resolving power. Instrumental decays (for example, the lingering resonances you might hear after a guitar is strummed) fade faster than what you would hear live. This slightly reduces the sense of the space in which the recording was made and makes instruments of different construction sound more like each other. You may not be thinking about this stuff as you listen, but the lack of micro-detail reduces the sense of realism conveyed by the 7000s. You will notice this more if you have a very good amplifier and source, something that can require additional investment.

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