Denon AH-D7000 Headphones (Playback 44)

Denon AH-D7000 Headphones
Denon AH-D7000 Headphones (Playback 44)

tradeoff I mentioned above. (By the way, for this test I primarily used the excellent Cavalli Liquid Fire amplifier, which I find has superb bass definition and depth, so note that a less potent amp may diminish my bass findings about the Denon).


The comfort of the AD-H7000s is very good, largely because the pressure on the ear and head is quite low. The fact that the Denons have potent bass without an ear-crushing seal could be a distinguishing factor for people considering purchase for long-term wearing. The only issue I see is that the loose feel might restrict dance moves or usage when not seated or standing (for instance, when listening in bed).

The 7000s come in a fancy box that is quite large and therefore not useful for transporting the headphones. The attached cable is 3.0 meters long and terminated with a gold-plated 1/4" plug.


Denon’s AD-H7000 is a punchy, dynamic headphone that stands out with its powerful but not bloated bass, and with balanced midrange and treble response.

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