Devialet 140 Expert Pro integrated amplifier

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Devialet 140 Expert Pro

I can’t help feeling that Devialet’s biggest concern with the Expert Pro in all its guises is nothing to do with the performance. It is, in microcosm, an existential crisis endemic to the audio business entire: the lack of new blood. I suspect practically everyone who wanted a Devialet... has one by now, and the number of new people coming along to buy a new Expert 140 Pro is dwindling. Sure, Devialet has got this covered with the Phantom, but I’m not sure if there will be many converts from Phantom to Expert in reality. Core Infinity is an outstanding step-change for Devialet, but I can’t help but think most people who will get to hear it will do so on an Expert model they may have bought half a decade ago. And if Devialet can’t get new people buying its product, who can?  

I don’t want to end on a down note because that’s not what the Expert 140 Pro deserves. This is an exciting product, made all the more exciting by the Core Infinity updates. Devialet has made a huge change to its product in the shape of Core Infinity, and it makes the amplifier lead the field in detail retrieval and precision once more. Existing Export owners should make sure their system isn’t pitched into brightness before committing to an upgrade, because they will find the amount of detail on offer an intense experience. But, many will make the change, and make changes to the system because that’s how good the Expert 140 Pro really is. 


 Type: Integrated digital amplifier

Connections: 1×Optical Toslink, 1×combined Optical Jack & RS232 Mini 3.5mm, 1×USB for computer or USB-fitted turntable connection, 1×Ethernet RJ45 for connection to LAN, 4×S/PDIF digital inputs on RCA (or two analogue line level inputs), 1x Phono input – Adjustable Gain and sampling frequency (96 or 192KHz, fully configurable, MM or MC, load, sensitivity, 1953 or 1976 RIAA as standard, 13 additional EQ curves available with on the fly toggle from RAM menu), 1×trigger, speaker terminals and subwoofer output. Optional stereo pre-out

Power output: 2×140W into six ohms, adjustable from 50–140 via online configurator

THD+N (harmonic distortion) at full power: 0.0005%

SNR (Signal-to-Noise ratio): 130 dB unweighted

Bandwidth, digital inputs @ 8 to 2 Ω load: DC–87kHz (-3dB), DC–60kHz (-1dB), DC–30kHz (-0.1dB); analogue inputs: same except 0.1Hz (-3dB)

Dark Chrome finish, single aluminium block case

Dimensions (W×D×H): 38.3 ×38.3 ×4cm

Weight: 5.65kg

Price: £4,490

Manufactured by: Devialet


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