ELAC Solano: Your style, your speaker, your music

ELAC Solano: Your style, your speaker, your music

With the new Solano Series, ELAC presents three speaker models that proudly carry ELAC’s speaker manufacturing tradition. Meet the BS 283 bookshelf, FS 287 floorstanding and CC 281 center speaker. Made for domestic living spaces, tuned for ultimate performance, the ELAC Solano Series speakers will easily blend into any environment.

Born from tradition
Compact, attractive, and exceptional qualities always inspire loudspeaker development at our German manufacturing site in Kiel. The Solano Series remains faithful to ELACs design principles, forms, and materials. Rather than emphasizing individual elements, we focus on their joint performance. ELAC deliberately chose a sleek rectangular shape combined with a gently curved front baffle, elegant lacquer finish, solid aluminum base plate, and front-facing drive units to create a timeless look.

For the ears
In keeping with our design principles, the Solano Series comes with the renowned JET5 tweeter, which supports the mid and low-frequency ranges with a driver that combines the subtle look of a smooth, anodized aluminum membrane with our world-famous AS-XR assembly process. What isn’t visible is the membrane’s unique AS-XR sandwich construction and its singular combining process. The result? State-of-the-art performance with a classic Black Edition look!
The best music
The Solano Series is fully equipped. You can choose between mono-wiring, bi-wiring or even bi-amping. The down-firing system in the BS 283 and FS 287 offers an effective way of balancing the loudspeakers perfectly with the acoustics of your room. Driving beats, ground-shaking explosions, and perfect timing, the Solano Series is ideal for any music genre, reproducing superb sound.

ELAC Solano: Prices and availability 
The ELAC Solano will be available in high-gloss black and high-gloss white finishes starting in February/March 2021. The suggested retail prices for the BS 283 / FS 287 / CC 281 are €799.00 / €1,499.00 / €1,199.00 per unit.

The company 
ELAC is passionate about driving innovation and refining its existing products. Throughout the 90 years of our company history, we have crafted products of unmistakable quality and sound that stand out from the crowd. Our latest innovations complete the ELAC experience, enabling our discerning customers to experience the passion in our products in the form of music and film. 
To find out more about ELAC, please visit www.elac.com/

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