ENGSTRÖM ARNE integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifiers
Engstrom ARNE

At its best, on small group jazz, classical or acoustic pop, the ARNE is a remarkably musical and musically satisfying performer. With the right speaker and in the right space, it’s a handy all-rounder. But what it will never be is cheap, meaning that owners will want and need to wring every last ounce of performance from its speaker terminals to justify its price. 

Too eclectic to be an ‘everyman’ amplifier, too expensive for many and yet not expensive enough for some, the ENGSTRÖM ARNE integrated exists in its own audio niche… and that might just be the secret to its success. Its musical credentials can be polished to a brilliant sheen, but ultimately its success is going to depend on how many customers share its particular outlook. 


Type: Line-integrated tube amplifier

Tube Complement: 4× 7721/D3a, 
4× 300B 

Output Topology: Push-pull

Inputs: 2× balanced XLR, 
2× single-ended RCA

Input Impedance: 12 kOhm

Overall Gain: 20dB

Output impedance: 5 Ohm

Rated Output: 20 Watts/Channel eight ohms, 30 Watts/Channel four ohms

Remote Control: Volume, mute

Dimensions (W×H×D): 498 × 315 × 460mm

Weight: 38kg

Finish: Black or white

Price: €24,000 (plus local sales tax)

Manufactured by: ENGSTRÖM
St Petri Kyrkogata 10, SE-222 21 Lund, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0) 733 70 51 51 

URL: engstromsound.com

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