Esoteric X-01 D2 SACD Player

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Esoteric X-01 D2
Esoteric X-01 D2 SACD Player

Ever since we were mistakenly and somewhat naively promised “perfect sound” back at the launch of Compact Disc in the early 80’s, the format has suffered at the hands of those who continuously compare it unfavourably with analogue. So, I constantly read and hear people saying that CD player A is better than B because it sounds more like a record player. My advice is that if you want an analogue source then buy a turntable and all that goes along with it, but certainly do not waste your time comparing it to an Esoteric. What Teac have done over the past few years is to considerably refine their flagship CD players, but they are most definitely digital music machines and sound unlike any record player I have ever heard. But, despite that, there is no doubt that in the D2 version of the established X-01 they have produced one of the very best single-box players around.

externally. The tray still slides in and out with that wonderfully silky action, but now it is concealed behind a motorised flap, borrowed from the more expensive models, which locks tightly shut, sealing the disc bay from light, dust, vibration and the outside world in general.

With each individual electronic and mechanical function of this player, the Esoteric illustrates perfectly just how a high-end machine should operate. Every time you use it, it reminds you that this is a truly beautifully constructed piece of audio electronics, with a fit and finish that most others can only dream about. But, given Esoteric’s probable R&D budget perhaps that isn’t so surprising.

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