Exclusive: Hi-Fi+ branded Cardas Douglas Fir blocks

Our subscriber-only deal is strictly limited!

Exclusive: Hi-Fi+ branded Cardas Douglas Fir blocks

We have teamed up with Cardas Audio and its UK distributor Audiofreaks. We have a limited number of sets to give away to the first 50 subscribers who take out a new or extend an existing subscription. These EXCLUSIVE cable lifters have been specially produced and will carry the Hi-Fi+ logo as well as the Cardas logo. These are a limited edition – so subscribe now while stocks last.

For those of you who are unaware of Cardas cable lifters… where have you been? These Oregon Douglas Fir blocks help eliminate an unwanted dielectric effect caused when a cable comes into contact with the ground. Whether used as intended to raise your cables away from a potential carpet-based source of static electricity or used as an effective way of raising audio electronics, these really are a key part of the foundation of many good-sounding systems.

Our custom Hi-Fi+ blocks won’t be around for ever. We’re also offering huge discounts for one- and two-year subscriptions. Act now and subscribe!



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