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A really good OTL design makes your transducers sound like they are direct-coupled to the music, and that is precisely what the Feliks Audio Euforia does to your headphones. For some, I can see that being too much of a good thing; and they will want an amplifier with more guts, more drive, more volume, and more distortion. OK, at the limits, it goes for refinement rather than edginess, and this might not be my first choice for thrashing out old Guided By Voices albums. On the other hand, the sound of the system with the Euforia in place is so sophisticated and dynamic, I might not want to put those old GBV albums on the playlist; it won’t make ‘Hardcore UFOs’ from Bee Thousand[Scat] sound awful, but the lo-fi quality of the album is not enhanced by being played with refinement. And that’s what the Euforia does so well – make music sound refined. 

I can truly say that I’ve loved my time with the Feliks Audio Euforia. It’s not just a neutral performer with a quiet background; it’s just so damn nice to listen through. While it won’t be for those who either want their music raucous and edgy, or those who want more than just the one input, as a solid, no-nonsense headphone amplifier that sounds wonderful and just happens to sport a few valves, it’s hard to think of better at the price, or even double the price. Music sounds honest through this amplifier; even when that music is sharp-edged, the Euforia does its level best to make that sound good. Heartily recommended!


Input Impedance: 100 kOhm

Frequency response: 8 Hz–75 kHz +/- 3 dB (300 ohm)

Power output: 250mW

THD: 0.4 % (300 ohm, 20 mW)

Supported headphones impedance: 32–600 ohm including planar magnetics

Price: €1,999 (including Premium PsVane CV-181 Mk2 “Gold” driver tubes)

Manufactured by: Feliks Audio

URL: feliksaudio.pl

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