First Listen: iFi Micro iDSD portable headphone amp/DAC/preamp

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iFi Audio Micro iDSD
First Listen: iFi Micro iDSD portable headphone amp/DAC/preamp

Just when you think those crazy kids over at iFi Audio couldn’t possibly fit any more headphone amp/DAC functionality into small packages, they turn around and do just that. What occasions this observation is the recent release of the firm’s brand new iFi Micro iDSD headphone amp/DAC/preamp ($499 US, £435 UK), which is without a doubt one of today’s most versatile, capable, full-featured, and powerful products of its kind at any size or price. To appreciate why I’ve made such a strong statement, read on.

Before we go much further, let’s make sure we’re clear on one key point: iFi’s Micro iDSD is a completely different product from the iFi Nano iDSD recently reviewed in Hi-Fi+. If this helps, it is useful to know that thus far iFi devices have come in two sizes: Nanos and Micros. Nano units are, roughly speaking, about the size of a large-ish deck of playing cards, while Micros are more nearly the size of two large-ish decks of playing cards, parked nose-to-tail. Fair enough?

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