First Listen: Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod LOD (Line Out Dock) Cables

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Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod LOD
First Listen: Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod LOD (Line Out Dock) Cables

As for the differences between the two different LOD cables, I have say the full-on LOD cable takes what the IEM LOD cable does (compared with the very nice non-LOD-type signal cable that NuForce supplies) and ups the magnitude of transient improvement by about 50%. Once again I noticed the difference on bass transients as much as on high frequencies.

I will also add that there could be a “season to taste” element of choosing between the two cables. The Solo HD headphones can use as much resolution enhancement as you can provide, but some brighter, more splashy-sounding headphones or earphones might potentially pair better with the somewhat softer-sound IEM LOD model.

Finally, let me note that the sonic improvements I’ve described are subtle, but real. Those of you who believe that reviewers are on LSD, and who believe that wires can’t possibly make a difference, might not be persuaded by the Silver Dragons.

But those of you who have tried accessories to good effect will want to check out these Moon Audio cables. They offer a meaningful improvement for a very small price.

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