First Listen: NuForce Primo 8 phase-coherent, quad-driver earphone

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Nuforce Primo 8
First Listen: NuForce Primo 8 phase-coherent, quad-driver earphone

NuForce is, as many of you know, a fascinating Americo-Asian audio equipment manufacturer perhaps best known as a pioneer in Class D amplifier design. But those who know NuForce well recognise that there are several distinctively different sides to the company.

On the high-end audio side of the equation, NuForce makes aspirational, high-performance monoblock amplifiers, low-distortion preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, a broad set of DACs and disc players, and once—early on—even made a high-performance loudspeaker system! NuForce also offers a set of purist-minded and thus deliberately minimalist home theatre electronics, including a very well priced multi-channel controller/preamplifier and a versatile, powerful multi-channel amplifier.

But perhaps NuForce’s most up-to-the-minute division is one focused specifically on desktop and personal audio components—a division whose objective is to introduce a new generation of listeners to ‘the good stuff,’ but at prices normal mortals can actually afford. We at Hi-Fi+ are all in favour of this initiative, because we feel that anything that encourages newcomers to enjoy fine music played through good gear is, more or less by definition, a good thing.

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