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Fono Acoustica Armonica
Fono Acustica  Armonica  power cords

While its background in music is beyond reproach, Spain has always seemed a bit of a desert as far as hi-fi is concerned. Whereas that musical heritage has been largely based on religious and folk traditions, its contribution to modern music has been no more obvious than its contribution to high end hi-fi.

An exception that maybe proves the rule is Fono Acustica, a cable brand that is decidedly high-end in terms of prices, presentation, and indeed pretension. 

Hi-Fi Plus Editor Alan Sircom favourably reviewed the company’s speaker and interconnect cables back in issue 82, and I collected these after he’d finished with them. Unfortunately the 2m speaker cables were far too short for my room layout, and Fono Acustica couldn’t replace these with anything longer at the time. 

However, FA did offer me some mains cables – ‘power cords’ in Fono Acustica parlance – as an interesting alternative. The one caveat was that its mains leads are currently fitted with European style Schuko plugs, but this wasn’t a problem here as it just happens to be the type I normally use (via a Phonosophie six-way adapter).

I’m not convinced that styling and presentation really cut much ice with cables, especially those of the mains variety, but when it comes to top quality appearance, not to mention a smidgeon of surprisingly tasteful bling, one must give Fono Acustica due credit. However, a different kind of credit may well be required to cope with a rather dramatic pricetag of €5,350 (plus tax) for each 1.5m cable.

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