Full-Featured InFocus SP8602 1080p DLP Projector Now Shipping

InFocus ScreenPlay 8602
Full-Featured InFocus SP8602 1080p DLP Projector Now Shipping

The Perfect Vision news desk recently received word that InFocus’ new full-featured, 1080p DLP projector, the SP8602 has begun shipping. We present the full text of the InFocus press announcement, below.


InFocus ScreenPlay 8602 Home Theater Projector Now Shipping

Fully Loaded Digital Projector Brings Full HD, Precision Optics, Broad Connectivity and Customizable Skins to the Home

PORTLAND, Ore., (Feb. 8, 2010) —InFocus® Corp, the industry pioneer in digital projection technology, announced today that its newest ScreenPlay projector, the InFocus SP8602—is now available to customers. The new projector brings movies to life in up to 300 inches of crisp, quality images, offering viewers a cinema experience in the comfort of their own homes.  

Amazingly Bright Colors

This advanced home theater projector features native 1080p resolution and produces the deepest blacks and brightest, most vibrant colors for home theaters.  It’s bright enough for multipurpose rooms or viewing with the lights on. The SP8602 offers high-performance, adjustable optics, a 30,000:1 maximum contrast ratio and video-optimized 1300 lumens for stunning clarity, color and vibrancy.

“The sleek design, simple user interface and plethora of features makes this projector one of the best home theater models available on the market,” said Benjamin Joy, product line director at InFocus. “The SP8602 recreates a true cinematic experience with astounding realism that will amaze both casual and hard-core home theater enthusiasts.”

Ultra-Smooth Playback

The SP8602 features Texas Instruments DLP® DarkChip technology with BrilliantColor™ to display more than 1 billion vivid colors with razor-sharp accuracy. Using Pixelworks DNX™ 10-bit video processing, the SP8602 delivers ultra-smooth playback of film and video content, including a proprietary motion engine with 120Hz support that allows for a faster, fluid transition between frames in moving images and a fast color refresh for color stability and motion quality.

Easy Upgrade and Installation

The SP8602 is an ideal upgrade from 480p, 720p or older generation 1080p projectors. To make installation and perfect projection easier, the unit also offers:

  • Centered lens with manual lens shifts (+5%/-30% vertical and +/- 15% horizontal) that can beam an image of up to 300 inches from anywhere in the room.
  • Automatic ceiling detection that will flip the image when necessary.
  • Image warping to adjust the picture and produce crisp, square images on imperfect surfaces.

“In addition to offering breath-taking digital images, the SP8602 comes with a lot of functionality and flexibility options,” said Doug O’Brien of custom integrator Projectus in Portland, Ore. “For our customers who want to upgrade to 1080p, we love that the SP8602 allows them to replace any prior InFocus home theater projector without moving the mounting location.”

Choose Your Color

The SP8602’s outer design offers users the option of interchangeable “skins” to match theater or living room décor. The skins allow users to choose from matte black, matte white, glossy black, walnut or pre-primed for custom finishes. An integrated cable management system eliminates the unsightly mess of cables for an elegant installation. The SP8602 also uses the latest in high-definition connectivity, providing a complete suite of analog and digital connectivity, including two HDMI 1.3 ports for convenience.

For more information, please visit: http://www.infocus.com/Products/Projectors/SP8602.aspx

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