GamuT RS3 standmount loudspeaker

GamuT RS3

Are there any drawbacks to the RS3, apart from its price? Well, one I would point out is the fact that, despite its improved musicality vis-à-vis the original GamuT S-series speakers, the RS3 is still more of an accurate speaker than it is a forgiving one. With good, very good, or excellent recordings the RS3s usually do just fine, but if you put on mediocre-sounding, heavily compressed, or somewhat bright-sounding material the GamuTs will inform you in no uncertain terms that your selection is sonically inadequate. In short, the price of the RS3’s excellence is that it does not and cannot do anything but tell you how your records actually sound, whether for good or ill.

GamuT’s RS3 standmount monitors are one of the two finest loudspeakers I’ve ever had in my home. I’ve prized the time I’ve spent with them because, in very many ways, they’ve shown me a way forward toward higher levels of performance than I thought possible in my mid-sized listening room. For me, and especially for listeners with moderately sized rooms, the RS3s offer the fascinating prospect of standmount monitors that can do nearly everything that large, costly, and exotic floorstanders can do, but that are much better scaled for use in small-to-mid-size spaces, and that sell at more accessible prices than big, top-tier floorstanders typically command. This is a superb speaker and one I recommend without reservation.

Technical Specifications

Type: Two-way, ported, standmount monitor with stands included as standard.

Driver complement: One 1.5-inch, silk diaphragm equipped ring‑radiator-type tweeter with a stainless steel phase plug and Neodymium motor magnet; one 7-inch sliced-paper cone mid-bass driver with a diaphragm impregnated with natural oils. Both drivers are custom-specified units sourced from Scan-Speak with various proprietary GamuT modifications.

Frequency response: 34Hz – 60kHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Sensitivity: 86.5dB/2.83V

Dimensions (H × W × D): 1059 × 226 × 456mm

Weight: 46 kg (including stands)

Finishes: Ivory (white oiled ash), Onyx (black ash), Ruby (a deep red wood finish), and Maroon (a dark brown wood finish similar in appearance to wenge)

Price: £13,190/pair

Manufacturer Information: GamuT Audio, 6818 Årre, Denmark

Tel: (+45) 70 20 22 68


Distributor Information: Sound Fowndations, 3A Vulcan House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, RG7 8PA Berkshire, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 118 9814238


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