German Physiks Art&Sound as London dealer

German Physiks Art&Sound as London dealer

We are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Art&Sound as our London dealer.

The owner of the company, Ajay Verma, has created a very comfortable and relaxed listening environment, which we regard as ideal for auditioning high-end audio products. We are also very impressed with Ajay’s knowledge of audio and his passion for music. When we demonstrated our HRS-130 loudspeakers to him, he told us:

“I was stunned at the realism of the German Physiks HRS-130 – it presents music in a real and completely natural way. You forget about the usual audiophile clichés; instead you simply sit back, enjoy, and appreciate the most important thing – your music.”

Art&Sound may be contacted by phone at 0203 488 6261, or by email at [email protected] For additional information please visit the Art&Sound web site at

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