German Physiks Unlimited Mk II (slight return)

Serial changes to the Unlimited Mk II add up to a better loudspeaker

German Physiks Unlimited MK II

The big question perhaps is should existing Unlimited Mk II listeners with the older crossover feel short-changed? No. The Unlimited Mk II is a good loudspeaker, whether it has the old or new crossover. Moreover, if you chose an Unlimited Mk II and picked out a good amplifier partner, a lot of what the change to the crossover actually does is academic; the revised crossover brings more amplifiers to the party, but if you already made that choice and made it well, the new crossover’s benefits in greater compatibility are not really needed. The new crossover brings a little more clarity and quite a lot more bass, but the change is more a subtle development than a radical shift in performance. I have a feeling that those who like the German Physiks sound are fans for life, and if you already have a Limited II or an Unlimited Mk II, the better option would be to consider a full-on upgrade further up the German Physiks ladder, maybe to the HRS-130 or even to the Borderland Mk IV.

Back in issue 102, I concluded that everyone should take a listen to the Unlimited Mk II because if you like what it does, most conventional loudspeakers sound contrived. I still hold to that, but in the intervening period, the loudspeaker has become more physically attractive and more universally acceptable. More than ever, you owe it to yourself to try the German Physiks sound. It could be all you ever need.

Technical Specifications

Operating Principle: two-way loudspeaker with 360° surround radiation

Frequency Response: 32Hz–24kHz

Sensitivity: 88dB/W/m

Impedance: Four Ohms

Power Handling (Nominal/Maximum): 110W/170W

Amplification required: Minimum 90W/4ohms

Crossover frequency: 200Hz

Crossover slopes: DDD Section: 6dB/octave (electronic), 18dB/octave (acoustic)

Woofer Section: 18dB/octave (electronic & acoustic)

Input connectors: 1x binding posts

Drivers: 1× carbon-fibre DDD driver, 1× 200mm woofer

Finish: satin white, black, light grey or dark brown vinyl as standard, black, white, red, or yellow high gloss polyester finish in Ultimate form, as tested

Dimensions (W×H×D): 24×105×24cm

Weight: 28.9kg

Price: As tested £10,900 per pair

Manufactured by: German Physiks



Tel: +49 6109 5029823

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