Gershman Acoustics Grande Avant Garde Loudspeaker

Gershman Acoustics Grande Avant Garde
Gershman Acoustics Grande Avant Garde Loudspeaker

If you have tired of hi-fi hyperbole and audio’s obsession with ultra-resolution, Gershman speakers are the perfect antidote. Never less than engaging, they wrap you and your recordings in the warm substance of their musical embrace, celebrating the sense and the whole rather than the specific (and the all too often disjointed) parts. Great music comes from musicians working in harmony, the whole greater than the sum of the parts. The Gershman Grande Avant Gardes have that happy knack of preserving both those parts and the relationship between them. It’s the very essence of high-fidelity – and it’s a rare draft. Not without their flaws or challenges, the GAGs demand care and understanding – and a serious dose of power. But the combination of musical quality and unobtrusive domesticity places them in an extremely select group, right alongside the taller, similarly demanding and not quite as wide-bandwidth Vienna Acoustics Liszt. Like the Liszt, they perform beyond price and beyond expectations. Compared to your average big-brand box, the Gershman Grande Avant Gardes do something quite different and doing it really well. In this instance it’s very much a case of Vive la difference…


Type: Three and a half way dynamic loudspeaker

Loading: BCT composite enclosure with resistive venting

Driver Complement:1× 25mm modified dual chamber soft-dome tweeter
1× 90mm carbon-fibre mid-range unit
1× 200mm dual-magnet aluminium bass unit

Bandwidth: 22Hz to 20kHz

Sensitivity: 89dB

Load Impedance: 6 Ohms

Price: £12,500

Manufacturer: Gershman Acoustics
8707 Dufferin St, Thornhill, Ontario L4J 0A6 Canada

Tel: +1 416-561-2399 


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