Gold Note PA -1175 Mk2: MORE IS MORE

Solid-state power amplifiers
Gold Note PA -1175 Mk2: MORE IS MORE

Top-level electronic components combined with real balanced design with RCA, XLR complete the PA-1175 premium quality design. PA-1175 is built around a high mass steel chassis and thick aluminum panels to avoid RFI and EMI interferences at the same time.

The design derives from the Gold Note 1000 series and uniforming the entire Gold Note premium line of Hi-Fi electronics. The aluminium panels are made of brushed aluminium available in black, silver or gold finish. The increase in power, the new wiring and the replacement of some key components such as the power devices have made this amplifier able to drive any type of speaker with maximum musicality and make the new PA-1175 MkII the best amplifier ever made by Gold Note.

From the beginning of December 2018,PA-1175 MkII will be available worldwide through Gold Note dealers at a MSRP of 5.500€.

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