Graham Audio are currently working with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden who have commissioned a bespoke passive speaker system of the highest quality.

Graham Audio again turned to Derek Hughes to co-design a 4 box high resolution speaker system capable of being driven by any amplifier that will provide the same continuity of sound and detail as our other speakers but on a larger scale for the theatre and audio industry.

Called SYSTEM 3D, the design uses a bespoke high resolution, high powered passive crossover network that negates any digital correction or manipulation. The design simplifies the sound designers needs and provides a hi-fi quality speaker with enough power and delicacy to be used on the opera house stage as well as theatre sound. Designed as a 4 box, SYSTEM 3D uses a separate mid top box aligned to a twin bass unit on each side.

The 3D system will also be available to domestic users in a range of high quality real wood veneers and can be used as the ultimate reference system for studio and high end audio reproduction.

SYSTEM 3D Specifications

System : 5 Way Reflex

Cabinet : Birch plywood

Finish : Black texture

Dimensions : 164cm h x 33cm w  x 38cm d

Weight : ??

Response : 36Hz~18kHz +/-3dB

Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms

Sensitivity : 91dB SPL (2.83V, 1m)

Maximum Output : 120dB for a pair @ 2m

Bass : 250mm

Midrange : 75mm dome

Tweeter : 38mm soft dome

Crossover : 180Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz, 

Recommended Amplifier Power : 200 to 1000 watts unclipped programme

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