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Add in a set of Apex footers under each product and you create an extremely efficient exit path and multi-layer dissipation system to deal with both internal and external energy. Put Apex footers and levellers under your loudspeakers, and you have pretty much isolated the system from structural interference, unless you live on an active fault line in a war zone.

The strange thing is we don’t realise just how significant the impact of the world outside the system is on good audio until we take a lot of that world away. This is what Monza does and does so well, just like the company’s excellent Apex footers, only more so. What they all do is let the components be themselves, unalloyed and unvarnished by their surroundings. This has an interesting effect because it delineates ‘good audio’ from simply ‘audio’. Many components are – consciously or otherwise – designed with an expectation of being influenced by their surroundings, and effectively removing that source of influence leaves a product that falls by the wayside in one of two ways; being too ‘peaky’ or – paradoxically – too bland. In fairness, most of the better grade of products of the sort that would be used with a rack of the Monza’s gravitas make the cut, and for many more that ‘absence of influence’ is more benign than ‘throw out my system and start again’, but the absolute honesty of the Monza demands to be well met by audio electronics.

The most surprising thing about a truly honest equipment support system is just how much bass gets lost somewhere in other racks. The bass takes on a greater sense of ‘torsional strength’ irrespective of the size of the loudspeakers; there is greater definition, yes, but also greater energy, drive, and precision. However, Monza is not artificially tuned to make a more up-beat sound – that’s not the job of a rack, after all. 

This also gives another great advantage to the sound quality: headroom. Your system goes louder with less distortion. However, your system also hangs together better if you play it at post-whisper quiet levels. The Monza not only brings a wider range of listening levels to the mix, however; your system just hangs together better, and that holds regardless of playback volume.

The rest of the sound grows out of that powerful foundation but does so honestly and with excellent integrity and coherence. You notice this when turning back to a ‘mere’ support system, as the sound becomes more of a disjointed ‘bass-midrange-treble’. You also notice it with vocals; you become awed by Joyce DiDonato’s vocal range and diction as a cohesive whole, for example.

If you have reached that point in audio maturity where you don’t want a ‘tuneful’ rack or a ‘dead’ sounding platform, but just want to hear what all those fine pieces of audio equipment you already own actually do for a living, then the Grand Prix Audio Monza tells it like it is.

Prices and contact details

Monza Equipment Support System

Monza Amp Stand including APEX XL: £5675

Monza four Shelf 42” tall rack including APEX XL, levellers and couplers: £20,500

Manufactured by: Grand Prix Audio


Distributed in the UK by: Definitive Audio


Tel: +44(0)115 973 3222

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