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Headroom Show

Over the last two days in January, West London became the nerve centre of all things headphone-related, as the new Headroom Show descended on Chiswick’s prestigious Metropolis Studios. While the two studios, two control rooms, corridors, antechambers and café-bar area of Metropolis are too small and too much of a rabbit warren for a domestic audio show, the studio is an ideal (if very purple) venue for headphone-related event.

The Headroom Show was established late last year and is already full to capacity. Attendance was good; perhaps not the thousand visitors expected by the organisers, but attended in the hundreds and exceptionally well attended for a new show. And the hundreds arrived, despite damp, cold weather, little or no off-street parking, and London’s infamous transport and parking charges limiting the number of visitors from outside the city. The show itself was across three levels, with the corridor exhibitors pulled more from the larger mainstream audio brands showing a presence rather than a demonstration, and the mezzanine floor allowing a series of fascinating seminars and a place to buy what was on show at a discount.

And what was on show was extremely fascinating, with a surprising number of ‘first time’ auditions for the public. The show was split between traditional audio brands with an eye on the headphone world, and some of the larger more established headphone brands, although there were a few newcomers too.

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