Hegel Music Systems

Hegel Music Systems

Based in Oslo, Norway, for the longest time, Hegel Music Systems recently outgrew its post-war prefabricated office and moved to larger premises nearby. ‘Larger’ is possibly not the best choice of phrase here; perhaps ‘slightly larger’ fits better. Nevertheless, the company has now taken up residence in an office in Oslo’s main wood testing laboratory. This little factoid hides a little secret about Hegel; the company’s small team have a sly sense of humour. If you are reading this as a member of Oslo’s top wood investigation science team (think of it like ‘CSI: Fir Tree’), it was those Hegel guys who dummied up a fictitious cover of ‘Wood Tester Monthly’ magazine, complete with the headline “Yes, It’s definitely wood!” and pinned it to the noticeboard. Best of all, it took almost three months for any of the wood testing boffins to notice. 

Taking a small floor of the laboratory, Hegel Music Systems has almost doubled the square footage of its premises. However,  given the team at Hegel is small enough that they could all go for a drive in the same car, the new Hegel Music Systems nerve-centre is only slightly bigger than the size of a large two bedroom apartment. Hegel doesn’t need anything considerably larger. Still, it’s better than the last place, which used to be the staff housing for a nearby mental hospital! So, no “You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps!” signs in Hegel’s small office complex old or new.

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