Hi-Fi+ Products of the Year: Digital Audio

Disc players,
Digital-to-analog converters,
Music servers and computer audio
dCS Rossini,
Melco N1Z,
Nagra HD DAC,
Naim Audio SuperUniti All-in-One Player,
PS Audio DirectStream DAC,
Simaudio Moon Evolution 780D

Integrated Player/Amplifier of the Year: Naim Audio SuperUniti

One of the core products in the modern UK audio environment, the SuperUniti strips what it takes to make good audio, Naim style, down to its core. A combined powerful-sounding 80 watt per channel integrated amplifier, married to Naim’s highly-respected own network audio system that can be successfully app-driven, makes this £3,675 device a consistent seller in stores across the land. This comes down to the SuperUniti’s intensely musical presentation that retains the fun factor throughout, and makes it a perfect partner to many of the most popular loudspeakers today. The SuperUniti preserves that distinctive up-tempo Naim sound quality and is akin to the SuperNait integrated amplifier, but it also adds in the network performance of a player like the ND 5 XS from the brand, all in a one-box form factor that appeals to minimalists, downgraders, and – as our reviewer discovered – space-saving wives alike. (Reviewed in Issue 122).

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