Hi-Fi+ Products of the Year: Digital Audio

Disc players,
Digital-to-analog converters,
Music servers and computer audio
dCS Rossini,
Melco N1Z,
Nagra HD DAC,
Naim Audio SuperUniti All-in-One Player,
PS Audio DirectStream DAC,
Simaudio Moon Evolution 780D

Disc Player of the Year: dCS Rossini

In part as a result of changes in the SACD world, the dCS Rossini is the company’s first disc player to replay CD only. In fact, the Rossini is the first disc player from the brand that has an option to not feature a disc player at all! In essence the Rossini platform is a high-performance upsampling DSD DAC and streamer (featuring the company’s latest custom digital conversion and Ring DAC boards), which can optionally support an integrated CD mechanism. All of this can be fully controlled through the dCS app. The £18,000 Rossini player – especially with its matching £5,000 clock – is not compromised by its CD-only replay, however: it’s ability to upsample CD to DSD performance is remarkable, and the Rossini not only blows away its predecessors, it actually sounds a lot more like the company’s top Vivaldi stack than you might first expect. (Reviewed in Issue 129).

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