HiFiMAN Express HM-101 Portable USB Sound Card (Playback 56)

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HiFiMAN HM-101 Portable USB Sound Card
HiFiMAN Express HM-101 Portable USB Sound Card (Playback 56)


If you require an inexpensive, easily portable DAC, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more attractive combination of ergonomics and sound quality than the HM-101. For less than the cost of a premium USB cable you can dramatically upgrade the sound quality of your computer’s audio with this miniscule external USB sound card. If you travel and want to maximize your musical road-trip enjoyment, I suggest you don’t leave home without a HiFiMAN HM-101.

Consider this DAC if:

•You must have a very compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly USB DAC.
•You require a DAC with software-controlled volume.
•You want a DAC that mates well with the HiFiMAN HE-300 headphones.

Look further if:

•You need a DAC that has multiple inputs.
•You require a DAC that supports higher bit-rates than 48 kHz.
•You want a DAC with its own physical volume control.

Ratings (relative to comparably-priced DACs):

•Design & Features: 9
•Tonal Balance: 8
•Timbral Purity: 8
•Detail & Resolution: 8
•Imaging/Soundstaging: 8
•Dynamics: 8
•Value: 9.5

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