HRT iStreamer In-Car Cool Shocker

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HRT iStreamer In-Car Cool Shocker

So, OK, you've got Big Audio Names appearing in top-of-the-range automobiles (Naim for Bentley, Burmester's systems in Porsches, Mark Levinson in Lexus and so on), but apart from that, there aren't many audiophile products that even register in the in-car world.

The HRT iStreamer changes all that. Those smart folks at SoundMan Car Audio in Santa Clarita, CA is an innovative custom in-car shop, which often places the ubiquitous Apple iPad at the heart of things. When you think it through, the iPad is the perfect in-car control system; you can stream iTunes, Pandora and more, Google Maps or CoPilot makes the iPad a great GPS navigation system  - and now iPad 2 adds FaceTime to the package, making it good for calls too. Yes, you need to remove your iPad every time you leave the car, to prevent almost immediate theft, but the same applies with any on-dash navigation system.

The only real problem with the iPad is you need some method of both charging it and extracting its audio, and extracting it with the sort of performance required in a high-end custom in-car setting. Which is where the iStreamer comes in. Powered from a USB hub, the iStreamer fits both bills perfectly, and it's small, reliable, inexpensive and doesn't run hot. The SoundMan guys simply build the multi-pin iPad charger into a custom made GRP dash section and connect the phono outputs of the iStreamer to the amp system. Simple. Cheap. Blindingly effective.

Here are a couple of clips of the SoundMan people at work. One of them making and installing the first iPad 2 in car, the other them discussing why the iStreamer is the perfect device for in car. Both are NSFW, however:

And yes, I wish I'd thought of this!

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