Infinity TSS-4000 5.1-Channel Speaker System

Infinity TSS-4000
Infinity TSS-4000 5.1-Channel Speaker System

A year ago I reviewed Infinity's terrific- sounding $749 TSS-750 surround speaker system, and it quickly became one of my favorites in its price class—a surefire recommendation for entry-level surround sound systems. But much though I admired that little system, I eventually began itching to find out how an upscale TSS system might sound. Evidently, Infinity's designers were thinking along similar lines, because they recently released a new flagship system called the TSS- 4000, pricing for which starts around $3994 suggested retail for a 5.1-channel system (prices vary depending on number of channels supported and speaker mounting options chosen). Like all Infinity TSS (Total Solutions) packages, the TSS-4000 system is targeted toward the "lifestyle" market, where customers expect speakers with fresh, contemporary styling that complements the aesthetics of flat panel displays, yet that sound great. As we shall see, this "looks good/sounds good" balancing act is tougher to pull off than you might think.

What You Get

The 5.1-channel TSS-4000 system is comprised of four TSS-SAT4000 L/R/surround satellites, a dedicated TSS-CENTER4000 center channel, and a TSS-SUB4000 powered subwoofer. The satellite and center channel speakers (which, except for small detail differences, are essentially identical) are housed in sleek extruded aluminum enclosures that can be mounted on walls or on tabletop stands; hardware for both mounting options is included as standard. Everywhere you look, you'll see evidence that Infinity has paid attention to the smallest of installation details; the satellites' tablet o p stands, for example, come with three differently-sized vertical risers, one that positions the speaker at the height of a typical 42" plasma/LCD set, the others to match the height of a 30” and 50" set. Thoughtful touches, no? Going further, Infinity offers optional satellite floor stands ($249 each) and inwall mounting kits ($49 each). No other "lifestyle" speaker system I'm aware of offers a more comprehensive or better thought-out set of installation options.

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