Introducing RIVA S - The Fully Loaded Trillium Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker

The Next Level of Premium Mobile Speaker Arrives In the UK

Introducing RIVA S - The Fully Loaded Trillium Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker

LONDON, March 17, 2016: RIVA Audio, the lifestyle brand of Audio Design Experts, Inc. (ADX™), recognised for its best-in-class audio products, today announces the UK launch of its newest Bluetooth mobile speaker, the RIVA S. With innovative new functions like TrueWireless™ technology that allows for a true stereo speaker arrangement, best-in-class audio performance from the patented proprietary Trillium™ technology employing ADX audio drivers, and numerous other features like high-quality speakerphone and Charge Out functions, the RIVA S is delivering a new philosophy of sound.

This revolutionary Bluetooth® mobile speaker delivers an unmatched personal entertainment system that perfectly complements on-the-go modern lifestyles for those who want a compact speaker without sacrificing high-quality sound. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the RIVA S will last up to an impressive 13+ hours at 73db, and 5+ hours at the single speaker’s maximum output, giving you a full day’s worth of audio at the beach, the park, in the garden or around the house. That portability can even include the pool—the speaker is certified with an IPX4 rating that means it is fully water resistant and can take splashes from any direction. And now with TrueWireless™, you can take your sound to the next level by syncing two RIVA S speakers together to create true left and right channel stereo imaging for when you want that Hi-Fi experience in a more portable location.

RIVA Audio continues to use ADX’s proprietary Trillium™ audio technology to deliver immersive, high quality sound. The unique Trillium audio processing enlarges the audio image while reproducing the power of the audio signal without excessive compression. Trillium Surround will further enhance the audio-visual experience of music, movies, videos games, TV and more. 

“The RIVA S is designed to amaze!” said Rikki Farr, RIVA Audio and ADX Chairman and Chief Creative Officer. “RIVA S delivers clarity and separation that are audible from all the instruments and voices playing, allowing you to hear the true bass, all the drums, the passion, the nuance, the expression of words and all that was so carefully put together in the recording studio.”

Farr continued, “We also included in the package everything necessary for traveling the world or visiting your next-door neighbour. There are no extras to be bought; in fact, we have even included a unique phono EQ mode that allows you to play vinyl records, a world’s first. When seen against comparable products for the sound, the features and the accessories, RIVA S is fully loaded and therefore unrivaled.”

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