Jadis JA-80 MK II mono valve power amplifier

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Jadis Electronics JA-80 Mk II

OK, so the JA-80 Mk II’s sublime character is still ‘character’ and those after absolute neutrality in their power amplifiers will never opt for Jadis. In fact, they will probably never opt for a valve amp of any description, but that beauteous nature of the JA-80 Mk II sound is more about beguiling (that word again) character than stark honesty. But those who seek that character in their audio systems do so for a reason, and will frequently reject stark honesty for being too stark. This is not ‘lush’ or ‘rich’, it’s just music that sounds damn beautiful, and that is extremely attractive.

There is something refreshingly old-school about Jadis, and that is reflected in the products it makes. The sound these JA-80Mk II amps deliver is just so damn lovely, you’ll be hard pressed to find better at any price. It’s the reason why the company made the same amplifier for almost 35 years without a significant change, and there is every reason to expect the JA-80 Mk II to carry on that tradition. If you want your music beautiful, beguiling, and extremely entertaining, the JA-80 Mk II is highly recommended.


Type: pure Class A mono valve power amplifier

Valve complement: 4× KT150 power tetrodes, 1× ECC82 and 1x ECC83 double triode per channel. Other power valves can be substituted

Power Output: up to 90 watts per channel

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 27kHz

Loudspeaker impedance: from 1Ω to 16Ω

Bias: Automatic

Sensitivity: 500mV

Power consumption: 190W per channel

Dimensions (W×H×D): 24x26x62.5cm
per chassis

Weight: 35kg per chassis

Price: £7,998 per channel

Manufactured by: Jadis

URL: www.jadis-electronics.com

Distributed by: Absolute Sounds

URL: www.absolutesounds.com

Tel: +44(0)20 8971 3909

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