Kronos Sparta turntable and Helena tonearm

This. Is. Sparta!

Kronos Helena,
Kronos Sparta

Sometimes there are ‘improvements’ that are more about spending money than actual performance benefits, and sometimes there are changes to the sound that don’t improve the performance in a linear fashion. These are the kind of changes that end with ‘hmmm… I’ll think about it’. That’s not how the two-deck Sparta pans out. You have one platter, you try two, you buy two. It’s that simple. If I were demonstrating this, I’d be happy to spend time installing that second platter on site, because I’d always go home with an empty van and a full wallet. But it’s not that the Sparta 0.5 is half a deck, or an obviously compromised stepping-stone to the full two-platter experience. Anyone could happily live with the Sparta 0.5 for years: right up until the moment you try the second platter; then there is no going back.

That arm is outstanding too. There’s little need for discussion about alternatives in this context, the Helena is the perfect partner for the Sparta and vice versa. Other arms – even ones considerably more expensive and with outstanding reputations – are simply not a consideration. You’d be hard pressed to find better.

There’s a fairly basic term in all this audio stuff, a signal that gets lost in all the noise. But it’s there at the bottom of every page of this magazine – ‘hi-fi’. And it’s short for ‘high fidelity’. The goal of every audio device should be an ever-higher fidelity to the original sound. The Sparta and Helena achieve that. Very highly recommended. 

Technical Specifications

Sparta 0.5, Sparta

Rotational speed: 33.3 rpm & 45 rpm.

Tonearm length: 9” to 10.5”

Power supply: dual channel pure Class A linear DC

Motors: 2432 precious brushes DC motors (qty 1 in Sparta 0.5, 2 in Sparta)

Motor mounts: Delrin capped aluminium tubes

Platter type: Composite compressed phenolic/aluminium, balanced.

Platter weight: 12kg

Drive: 1 silicone/viton 2.3 string belt per platter

Service interval: 5 years (clean and re-oil)

Main bearings: dual hydraulic isolated inverted sleeve and ball.

Lubricant: 8 ml. variable viscosity synthetic oil

Service interval: 5 years (clean and re-oil)

Suspension: full floating top suspended

Elastomers: 317 o-rings, viton/silicone proprietary mix

Dimensions (WxDxH): 51 × 36 × 28cm (Sparta)

Weight: 32 kg (Sparta)

Price: £14,000 Sparta 0.5, £20,000 Sparta (upgrade £7,000)

Helena tonearm

Type: carbon fibre unipivot tonearm

Bearing type: proprietary ball and spherical mirror unipivot

Armtube: overall high modulus carbon-fibre composite, selected wood fairings between inner tube and outer shell

Effective length: 266.7mm

Effective mass: medium

Overhang: 15.4mm

Pivot-to-spindle distance: 251.3mm

Max. tracking error: 0.0159

Cartridge weight compatibility: 7–16g

Shipping dimensions: 42×14.5×11.5cm

Shipping weight: 3kg

Price: £6,500

Manufactured by: Kronos Audio Technology


Distributed by: Decent Audio


Tel: +44(0)5602 054669

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