Kudos Audio Cardea Anniversary Super 20 loudspeakers

Kudos Audio Cardea Anniversary Super 20
Kudos Audio Cardea Anniversary Super 20 loudspeakers

Since 1991, Kudos has been building loudspeakers according to an elegant philosophy – keep it simple!

It’s a very sound basis for speaker design, if you will excuse the pun. Basically, it means don’t add anything that is not essential. Some designers add more and more crossover components to even out and flatten the frequency response, which can be to the detriment of the sound and the music. But conversely, if essential parts are removed ad extremis, then the same thing can happen. So, there is usually a sweet spot, where everything comes nicely together.

The Cardea Anniversary Super 20 is actually the top model in the Kudos range of two-way floorstanders, priced at £855 above the Cardea C20. It features higher quality internal components (see page 73), such as generously over-specified inductors, resistor, and silver/gold/oil capacitor, all from the German component specialist Mundorf. These all increase the build cost and hence the selling price.

A cursory glance at the Super 20 does not reveal anything remarkable from the outside. There’s a very nicely veneered and lacquered, 18mm MDF, internally-braced cabinet (natural oak in the review samples). Removing the woofer, revealed that the cabinet is damped in the top section behind the woofer by 5mm thick damping pads to control panel resonances. There is also acoustic foam here to deal with internal reflections. There’s nothing radical or high-tech here, just good practice well applied. There’s a large 65mm diameter port (damped by stretched open weave cloth) firing into a slot between the base of the cabinet and the plinth. The large port diameter reduces air velocity, minimising port compression and noise due to air turbulence at high volumes. The slot exhaust means there is no worry about nearly obstructions (rear wall, or curtains for example) obstructing the exit. It should make for easy placement in the room.  

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