Kuzma Stabi R turntable

Kuzma Stabi R

For me, I’m not too bothered by the myriad tonearm options, or the additional plinths and so on. Despite the job, I am more a ‘fit and forget’ guy when it comes to turntables, and the Kuzma Stabi R does that perfectly if you want. As a reviewing platform, the ability to swap a tonearm plate at will to replace an arm or fit a cartridge without tampering with the turntable should be a vital part of any reviewer’s arsenal, and – if the geometry of both arms is set in advance, you could swap arms in less than a minute. From an enlightened self-interest position, that makes for better tonearm and cartridge reviews. Aside from box-swappers who have a penchant for tonearms, that’s a very narrow outlook.

That’s the real joy of the Stabi R; it’s a surprisingly ‘Everyman’ turntable. It appeals as much to someone just wanting the best turntable as it does to the music collector who must have entirely different cartridges for different recordings, and all points in between. While I don’t think this is the rebirth of the transcription turntable, not least because few radio stations are playing records that much today, the Kuzma Stabi R honours the spirit of those transcription turntables, by building a turntable that will just keep running and running, and sounding damn good in the process. 


Type: Modular turntable system

Suspension system: none

Drive: DC motor

Speeds: 33, 45, (fine speed adjustment)

Power supply: internal, electronic

Platter material: aluminium and acrylic

Platter mass: 8kg

Bearing type: inverted (ruby ball)

Shaft diameter: 16mm

Chassis material: aluminium

Armboards: up to three

Options: various pre-cut arm boards, RAL finishes, second tonearm wing, small tonearm holder, arm board VTA tower, wooden frame

Finishes: black or silver

Dimensions (W×D×H, with armboard): 48 ×38 ×15cm

Weight: 36 kg

Price: From £7,500 (drive chassis with one arm wing)

Manufactured by: Kuzma

URL: kuzma.si

Distributed in the UK by: Audiofreaks

URL: audiofreaks.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)208 948 4153 

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