Kuzma Stabi S turntable, 4Point 9 tonearm, and CAR‑40 MC cartridge

Kuzma 4Point 9,
Kuzma CAR-40,
Kuzma Stabi S
Kuzma Stabi S turntable, 4Point 9 tonearm, and CAR‑40 MC cartridge

Kuzma’s whole is greater than the sum of the parts; the sound you get from the three is outstanding and so well-balanced you might be forgiven for thinking you are listening to something closer to £15,000 or more. In a world full of ‘mug’s eyeful’ style over substance products, it’s great to recommend something this well made, as you know it will last a lifetime, and always sound great. Great! 


Stabi S turntable

Platter: 4kg, 30mm thick aluminium with mat

Bearing type: 10mm diameter pointed shaft with resin/textile material

Drive: flat rubber belt

Motor: Single AC motor

Speeds: 33rpm, 45 rpm

Armboard: optional (Kuzma arms fit directly)

VTA adjustment: yes

Max. tonearm length: 10” (12” option available)

Optional extras: second arm kit, PSU, 40mm natural maple platform

Finish: brass or black

Dimensions (W×D×H): 40 × 40 × 17cm

Weight: 13kg

Price: £2,149

4Point 9 tonearm with detachable headshell

Bearing type: four pivot

Maximum cartridge mass: 35g

Effective mass: 13g

Effective length: 229mm

Arm-mount distance: 212mm

Spindle-pivot distance: 212mm

Offset angle: 23°

Armtube: conical aluminium

Bias and VTA adjustment: Yes

Arm mount: Kuzma

Wiring: Silver as standard, options available

Connections: XLR, 5pin

Total mass: 920g

Price: £3,600

CAR-40 moving-coil phono cartridge

Frequency response: 10Hz–40kHz 

Output: 0.3mV 

Tracking force: 2 grams

Internal impedance: 6 ohms

Weight: 7 grams

Price: £2,395

Manufactured by: Kuzma Ltd

URL: kuzma.si

Distributed by: Definitive Audio

URL: definitiveaudio.co.uk

Tel:+44(0)115 9733222

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