Lateral audio announces a new audio stand range, the LAS-9 Cadenz series.

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Lateral audio announces a new audio stand range, the LAS-9 Cadenz series.

Lateral audio is very pleased to announce the launch of a new affordable performance audio stand range, the LAS-9 Cadenz series.

LAS-9 Cadenz is a modular design which uses all available techniques to achieve a high performance design at this price point, enabling new possibilities and audio experiences across a broad range of systems.

Energy dissipation and material technologies are used throughout the design to produce an engaging and musical sound. In development and listening tests of the LAS-9 Cadenz, this was truly heard on a number of audio system setups.

The audio surface design is perhaps the most important area of an audio stand and the LAS-9 utilises a ‘dissipation array’ alongside weight reduction in important zones, ensuring a fast transient response and low noise audio surface **.

With a modern and revealing audio setup, the performance capability of the LAS-9 Cadenz can be heard with even the simplest of two box setups, typicallyan integrated amplifier alongside analogue or digital sources.

With the ever increasing perfomance levels of audio components and resolution capabilities, the audio stand becomes central to acheiving a great audio and musical experience.

The spacing options of 120mm,160mm, 220mm, 280mm allows a variety of height options that maybe required for slimline player systems or larger audio source and amplification components. The possibility of additonal tiers are always possible, and this enables good flexibility for future system setups.

UK retail prices (inc VAT) 2 tier £425, 3 tier £595, 4 tier £795, 5 tier £995

** the noise below the player directly affects the performance of the audio component

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