Lateral Audio Stands launch further high performance products LAS-CC and DCP.

Lateral Audio Stands launch further high performance products LAS-CC and DCP.

LAS-CC Controlled Contact for audio players and DCP Direct Contact Platforms for LAS-4 series.

LAS-CC Controlled Contact

LAS-CC Controlled Conact is a high performance contact foot placed directly beneath the audio player, joining many internationally established products in this area, the LAS-CC provides a flexibility of use which appeals to many.

Designed in the UK, the design of the LAS-CC uses multi-axis vibration and motion reducing principles to enable a design which is audio classic and high in perfomance. Critically listened and developed alongside premier UK audio dealers, it was paramount to acheive a balance of audio specifics and details, but critically ensuring a sound which is ultimately more musical. Placed directly to the underside of the player, two at the front and one at the rear of the player, the LAS-CC provides a release of perfomance previously unheard from your audio player.

Dimensions- Diameter 38mm(base), height 32mm

Weight Capacity- sets of 3-60 Kg, sets of 4-80 Kg

UK price- £450 inc VAT (sets of 3) £600 inc VAT (sets of 4)

DCP Direct Contact Platforms

DCP Direct Contact Platforms join the product portfolio enabling further performance for owners of LAS-4 Integral and LAS-4 Concert audio stands.

Whilst the LAS-4 Concert is already equipped with a DCP Concert Platform the new product release of the DCP Integral platform shows performance capabilites of DAC, Pre-amp, streamers sitting on the lower tiers of the stand to be realised and heard. The DCP Integral platform is low in height and stable for heavier amplification on the lower tiers.

Connecting directly into the fast transient structures of the stands on each level, additonal DCP Integral platforms enable performances which show the full potential of audio systems.

Demonstrating the performace benefits of LAS-CC and DCP, UK and International dealers are able to step through the audio benefits of performance audio stands and the importance of setup.

Finishes: natural low satin, or black satin finish

Height- 32mm

UK price-£275 inc VAT (per shelf)

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