Latest News About the 2009 RMAF

Latest News About the 2009 RMAF

 The Colorado Audio Society Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – The latest news about the RMAF.

On Saturday evening, September 12th I attended the Colorado Audio Society Appreciation Dinner at The Empress Dim Sum Sea Food Restaurant in Denver. Just under 40 members attended this sumptuous feast which consisted of braised asparagus and crab meat soup, scallop and chicken birds nest, friend shrimp balls, stewed abalone with Chinese broccoli, shrimp with black mushrooms, Cantonese style roast duck, steamed whole fish, house special rice and fruit for desert, as if anyone had room for desert…

After the meal, Marjorie Baumert, the director of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, gave the Colorado Audio Society an update on the Fest. The most important facts are:

The Fest is sold out  - It has over 150 individual vendors plus the folks in the CANJAM headphones room. A few more manufacturers wanted to be involved but the rooms allotted for demos are full.

Next year there WILL be a RMAF show. The dates are already booked with the hotel. If will be on October 15th, 16th, and 17th 2010.

Many audiophiles probably don’t know that unlike most tradeshows or consumer shows, the RMAF is run by a non-profit audiophile club. All the folks you see behind desks, helping manufacturers load and unload their gear, put up signs, and running the seminars are volunteers. They all put in a minimum of four hours per day working at the show. Most commit even more time to pre-show planning and after show clean-up.

So when you arrive at the RMAF and interact with the show staff, be nice to them. They’re at the show for the same reason that you are – for the love of music…

For more info about the show go here

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