Leema Acoustics creates free speaker calibration PDF guide for locked-down music lovers

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Leema Acoustics creates free speaker calibration PDF guide for locked-down music lovers

We typically run news pieces without passing comment. However, this one is worthy of note. Instead of pointing to a specific new product line, new model, a discount deal or even some ‘back office’ information about staff members, this one is simply a helpful guide to setting up a pair of loudspeakers. This is born of audio distributors and retailers setting up loudspeakers in hotel rooms for expos, in demonstration rooms and in the end-user’s listening room. Sadly, for now those ‘hands on’ experiences are performed at a distance, but if you have stripped your system down and rebuilt it for the fourth time, even aligned all the screw heads out of boredom, then maybe it’s time to set the system up using a time-honoured grid method. And Leema’s seven-page PDF shows you how.

Granted that there is more than one way to set up a pair of loudspeakers, and for some their installation is far more ‘black belt’ than this. But, if the way you set up your loudspeakers is merely using the instructions provided by the speaker manufacturer, this tape and LP-sleeve system is an excellent start. It even includes recommended tracks required to set up the system:

21st April 2020, Wales, UK: With the UK lockdown extended until May at the earliest, Leema Acoustics has published a free comprehensive speaker calibration guide for locked-down music lovers wanting to get the best from the hardware they already own. 

The Welshpool-based manufacturer, founded by two ex-BBC sound engineers in 1998, has teamed up with Andy Moore, Leema Acoustics’ Export Sales Business Manager at MIAN Audio Distribution (Leema’s UK distributor), to produce the ‘Grid Method’ speaker calibration guide, which is based on Moore’s 30 years’ industry experience. The seven-page full-colour PDF is available for free download and can be accessed here:https://bit.ly/2VzcKk5

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