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Leema Acoustics Libra

The Leema Libra pitches into a keenly contested part of the market. Judged as a line-level DAC, it offers plentiful inputs, truck-like build, and a performance that delivers a wide variety of music without any signs of strain or issue. These are attributes that can be pinned to a number of rivals, though: there’s no overriding reason to choose the Libra over a number of equally well thought out competitors. Spend some time with the Libra acting as preamp for a system as well as a DAC however, and it begins to make more and more sense. The phrase ‘multimedia hub’ is something that has rather fallen out of favour of late – it’s overused and usually attached to a product that fails to deliver on the promise of the term – but the Libra can lay realistic claim to being such a device. If you play to the Libra’s strengths, this is a device that can make a radical difference to a number of different systems.

To Infinity... and Beyond!

The Quattro Infinity DAC used in the Libra and other Leema products, takes its name from the cornerstone of Leema’s philosophy in matters of decoding which is the absolute separation of left and right channels; the ‘Infinity’ part of the name refers to the reduction in crosstalk from the system being effectively infinite. The digital stream is then further processed to produce a plus phase and a minus phase, which is passed through the two sides of each DAC chip so that any common noise is cancelled on reintegration. The process requires a fair amount of decoding horsepower, but Leema is convinced that the process results in worthwhile results.

Technical Description

Product-type: Digital to analogue converter

Analogue Inputs: 3 (configurable as Balanced or Un‑Balanced)

Bluetooth interface: Yes

Headphone Amplifier: Yes

S/PDIF Coaxial Inputs: 3 (24 bit 192kHz & DSD64)

S/PDIF Optical Inputs: 3 (24 bit 192kHz & DSD64)

I2S Inputs: 2 via RJ45 connectors (24 bit 384kHz, DXD, DSD64 & DSD128)

One I2S Input has fully programmable pin allocation

AES/EBU Inputs: 2 via XLR connectors (24 bit 192kHz & DSD64)

Asynchronous USB: Yes (24 bit 384kHz, DXD, DSD64 & DSD128)

USB: Yes (fully asynchronous - Windows & Macintosh)

USB Isolation: Full Galvanic

Dimensions: 440*320*110mm

Weight: 15Kg

Price: £5,995.

Manufactured by: Leema Acoustics

URL: www.leema-acoustics.com

Tel: +44(0)1938 559021

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