Legacy to Showcase New Technology in VALOR Speaker at RMAF 2017


Legacy’s sophisticated Wavelet Preamp/DAC/Processor provides time alignment and crossover functions for the four-way system while hosting SPDIF, Toslink and USB digital inputs and 2 pair each of balanced and unbalanced inputs.

Legacy’s Chief Designer Engineer, Bill Dudleston, will provide demonstrations of this extraordinary new technology at 11am, 1pm and 3pm daily in Evergreen Ballroom A at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Application:                   Sequential sound field reconstruction system, auto-setup with calibrated microphone
Processor:                      Wavelet 2 input, 8 output, 56 bit DSP, Room Correcton/ Stereo Unfold algorithm
System Type:                 8 Driver, 4-way system with specialized 3 driver ambient array
Tweeter:                         Dual 4” AMT bridge-mounted in post convergent array
Midrange:                      1.5” coaxial, titanium/polyester diaphragm, precision waveguide
Midwoofer:                    14” carbon/pulp curvilinear cone, neo motor, dipolar
Bass:                               Dual 14” carbon/pulp curvilinear cone, neo motor in super cardioid array
Subwoofer:                     Dual 12” aluminum diaphragms, 480oz. motors, cast frame, 3” dual 4 layer voice coils
Passive Radiator:            Dual 12” patented symmetrically loaded with 2” travel
Low Freq. Alignment:    Hybrid cardioid pattern, dual rear radiator, down-firing sub
Inputs:                             1pr binding posts for upper range, 2XLR balanced for bass, sub, 1XLR for STEREO UNFOLD
Internal Amplification:    Subs- 1kW, Bass- 750W, Mid-500W, Ambient Array-500W
Recommended Amp:       1 external channel of 60 watts or greater required per side for high frequencies
Freq. Response:               12Hz-30kHz
Impedance:                     XLR 10k, binding posts 4 ohms
Sensitivity:                     100.5 dB (2.83V @ 1m)
Crossover:                       65, 800, 6k
Cabinet Size:                   Cabinet 67” H x 16.25” W x 18” D, Base 1.5” H x 20.75” W x 20.75” D
Weight:                            288 lbs. each
Price:                               TBA


Over 30 Years of Excellence

Legacy has established reference level performance in home theater and audiophile settings since 1983. The rigorous quality standard is the same for our flagship commercial doubleHELIX system as our Studio HD bookshelf system. For further information, please visit our website www.legacyaudio.com

LEGACY Audio 3023 E. Sangamon Avenue Springfield, IL 62702
(800) 283-4644

For press inquiries or high resolution images, please contact vdudleston@legacyaudio.com or 217-544-3178
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