Lisbon Audioshow 2016

Show report

Tannoy has managed to turn a small footprint loudspeaker like the DC8i into a full-range one. All in all the pairing with Unison Research tube amplification resulted in a musical and enjoyable sound concurrent with the romanticism of the venue. It even allowed me to travel in time while listening to a pristine LP copy of Supertramp’s Crime of the Century in a Project Audio xTension 10 Evolution, all being distributed by Support View (who also represent Cambridge Audio).

Linn perseveres in its one-brand only setups and the results obtained by the distributor Mind The Music were more than satisfactory with just a DS Player with Space Optimization and a pair of Linn Exakt 530 in their colourful hosery.

The new B&W 802 D3 was demonstrated through a complete Classé system. This is an obvious choice as the two companies are in the same group, but in my opinion the potential of the loudspeakers might be best realised with different electronics. While Linn and McIntosh spring to mind, I think they need something in the category of Gryphon Diablo 300 or, even better, a D’Agostino Integrated to come to terms with the music. They are that good!

American audio gear populates the dreams of Portuguese audiophile connoisseurs and music lovers alike. Imacustica, as the leader of American audio imports in association with Absolute Sounds of London, set up a fantastic system comprising Audio Research CD9/GS Integrated and Wilson Audio Sabrina loudspeakers, cabled throughout with Nordost, that sounded absolutely (no pun intended) marvellous: a full, meaty, propulsive, and dynamic musical sound. For me Princess Sabrina is, in relative terms of size and price, the best speaker ever to come from David and Daryl Wilson’s ingenuity and skill. And the ARC GS Integrated is also my amplifier of choice to drive them. In the same room, Audio Research and Krell teamed up with a pair of Sonus Faber Venere S(ignature) loudspeakers to demonstrate to good effect the Nordost upgrade programme.

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